Someplace Like Home

Today was a major step toward getting me into the full swing of home ownership.  The mold I purchased is finally gone!

From the sound of things, it was quite a mess in the basement with mold growing on the back side of nearly all the drywall, with some pretty significant colonies.  The guys also pulled down the entire drop ceiling, in part because of the mold, but mostly because it was easier than trying to cut the drywall and leave the ceiling in place.  About the only thing left down there inside the foundation wall are the walls leading down the stairs.  Those, unfortunately, extend all the way into the upstairs, so they couldn’t just be removed.  They will, however, be drenched with anti-fungal spray tomorrow.  Upstairs, the guys were able to pull out all of the old carpet.

So, it’s coming.  Next up is for me and my dad to knock out a couple other walls upstairs and start moving the laundry machines into to the basement where they belong.  After that is paint, floors, and I’m sure a thousand other little things.

But hey, it’s progress!  It will, if nothing else, be nice to be able to go into the house without risking my health.

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