One of those bicycle freaks

It’s nice to know that the statements about the unforgettable nature of how to ride a bicycle are at least somewhat true. I took a quick spin around the city on one of those two wheeled contraptions today trying to find the route to a place that I might be biking to a fair bit in the near future. The place I’m going is the office of a guy I know through my karate school, and the reason I care is because he offered me a temp job there while I continue my search for the work that I actually want to be doing long term. The reason for the bicycle is that his office is only a fifteen minute ride away from my house, which seems pretty reasonable when compared to spending $4+ per gallon to get there in my car.

The trouble with riding my bike to work is that my city was decidedly not designed with the humble cyclist in mind. Most of the roads, even the major ones, and notably some of the major ones I need to go down in order to get to this place, don’t have sidewalk. Fortunately, most of the route I’ll need to take is made up of residential streets or industrial access roads, leaving me on a major road for only about a minute in total. The worst part is that in order to get back home from this office, I will need to make a left turn out of its parking lot and another left turn across this four lane road. Exactly how I do this without getting myself killed will be an interesting puzzle, particularly in rush hour traffic. I know that, technically, I’m allowed to make left turns just like a car, but that does feel just a bit suicidal on a road where people are used to going 40 MPH and seeing huge hunks of metal driving in front of them.

Nevertheless, if I can find a place to park my bike at the office (no bike racks outside, naturally) and find a way to not die, I think I’m in good shape for being able to get to work using pure human power. Take that, OPEC.

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